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  • Mindset of a successful investor
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Who is this for?
This for everyone who want to 2 win and learn how you can invest to impress 

This for everyone who is tired of living paycheck to paycheck

 This is everyone that wants to get out of debt

 This for everyone that want to learn how to invest in real estate

This for everyone that want a proven blueprint

 This is for everyone that want to learn how to have their assets to pay  their liabilities to impress

This is for everyone who is ready for a blueprint 

This is for everyone who is ready for accountability

This is for everyone who is ready to go to the next level in life  

Meet the Queens

Meet Andrel Harris

Andrel Harris is the founder of AH Financial Group, LLC and the Creating Wealth Society. In addition, she is a Certified Financial Educator, Financial Literacy Advocate & Coach, Real Estate Investor, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

Andrel’s mission is to help educate and empower corporate women on the importance of financial literacy by helping them leverage their current resources to build a solid financial foundation and create wealth by actively & passively investing in real estate. Her focus is on making sure corporate women secure “ F U “ funds that would provide them with a sense of security while working a 9-5. She also has a knack for helping women build bankable brands and empowering them to manifest their dreams.

Andrel has specialized in the delivery of financial education, economic empowerment, and brand development through various seminars, online courses, and personal coaching. To date, she has spent eight years working in the financial industry. She has helped numerous people regain financial control and start investing.

Because of her discipline and accomplishments, Andrel was featured in an article in the prestigious Forbes magazine. She has also appeared on her local radio station, spoken at various events as well as on several podcasts, and has had the honor of facilitating a debt reduction class for Dr. Boyce Watkins’ “My Black Wealth Year” members.

Andrel completed the Personal and Family financial course through the University of Florida. She also passed the necessary framework with the National Financial Educators Council where she earned the distinctive title of Certified Financial Educator Instructor.

Meet Nicole

Nichole Briscoe is an Entrepreneur as well as a Mobile Home and Real Estate Investor. A native of Portsmouth, VA, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Norfolk State University and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from North Carolina Central University. Her desire and spark for investing were ignited by an interest in Fixing and Flipping houses. As she began her education in regards to Real Estate, Nichole would try her hand at wholesaling homes. In the midst of learning the in’s and out’s of wholesaling, she was introduced to Mobile Home Investing. Now, in a short amount of time, Nichole has attained and sold mobile homes and placed those homes in multiple Mobile Home Parks. Nichole uses savvy, cost-effective methods, and practices to sustain her business. As the owner of Eliam Properties, LLC, The “Mobile Home Mami” is ready to take the Mobile Home Investing world by storm.

Meet Shaneka Lene

Shaneka Lene’, affectionately referred to as “Sis” is a real estate investor that has been able to consistently close deals only working 2 hours or less per day! As a wife and mom of 5, learning various creative deal structuring strategies, systemize and effectively market has been major keys to successfully wholesale in a competitive market. Sis runs a 6 figure wholesale business, as well as acquires cash flowing investment properties: residential and mobile homes.

Sis has helped thousands of people learn and/or get started in real estate investing. She has the fastest growing real estate investing group on Facebook - Real Estate Investing A-Z, which has over 30,000 highly engaged members. She has also launched an online academy: Deal Closer Academy - to help others learn how to use creative deal structuring strategies in order to acquire investment properties with little to no cash or credit and/or close deals that others can’t.

Recently, Shaneka has embarked on a new endeavor. She has partnered with some of the most successful ladies in the real estate industry to host a Women’s Only Real Estate Conference Live WIRED™️ (Women In Real Estate Dominating). The ladies aim to create a safe space for women of varying levels of success to come together and help 10x their business and address concerns that effect women in a male dominated industry.

Meet Roxanna Wilson

Roxanna Wilson is a wealth strategist, business credit, and tax expert. Real estate investor, author, entrepreneur, and business extraordinaire are just a few words to describe Roxanna. She is a former model/actress. She was raised in a small country town. Ever since she was a young child, Wilson was always active. She was a community cheerleader, a great dancer, and sang in the church choir. Throughout the years, she has mentored many successful colleagues on business adventures and financial strategies and was always passionate about one's growth. Her message is you don't have to be a product of your upbringing. You can take control of your life. 

 Wilson was born in Kinston, North Carolina and is the youngest of a family of four. Wilson always had dreams as a young child of being a successful. She has experience in corporate America and entrepreneurship.  Roxanna, boasts more than just a pretty face. Her business ventures has include Roxanna’s Management Corporation (RMC), Royalty Builders LLC. Tax Queens & Services. She started all three businesses from scratch and is reaping great rewards. Rewards she is sharing with the community.

In her book Royalty Gems " The Gems of Knowledge" In the opening you will read where she was in her head before taking action; asking God when my ‘now’. Have you ever felt like you step one step forward to only take two step back? Yep we know the feeling. She had everything going for herself, but missing that one big thing. Rather if you just looking for love, financial freedom, spiritually growth, etc.; this workbook is for you. It will inspire you to be able to take action.  She is on mission to help 1000 family this year create financial freedom with multi stream of income. 

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